Vortex Generators
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BeRoadSmart Aerodynamic Vortex Generators

The Vortex Generators direct passing air more efficiently to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.  They are quickly and easily installed around the rear of the truck cab and the rear of the trailer to efficiently direct passing air to delay flow separation and reduce subsequent drag. With less drag the engine doesn’t work as hard, reducing fuel consumption and increasing MPG. 

1% increased MPG when installed on the rear of the tractor and trailer.  Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for extreme durability.  High-Quality exterior-grade foam adhesive backing. 

When BeRoadSmart VGs are installed on the rear of the tractor and trailer, average MPG is improved by as much as 1%, saving the average truck driver approximately $600 or more each year. When combined with BeroadSmart Caps, you could save over $2,000 or more each year. 

Sold in set of 50 units

Color: White
Material: Fiber Reinforced HD Composite for Superior Strength

Adhesive: Exterior grade foam adhesive backing for lasting durability

Set includes 50 Vortex Generators[VGs] with foam adhesive backing

Fleet pricing and custom colors available.
Contact us for more information.

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