The TruckNest
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When a thousand trucks gather for the night, turn off their engines and nest, the environment sleeps. 
TruckNests by BeRoadSmart

BeRoadSmart, LLC, understands and appreciates the critical importance trucking has to the well-being of our economy and country. Nothing is more important to the American Way of Life and its values than the convenient availability of its goods and services. Trucking is the backbone of America. Truckers are the pride of the American Way.

In order for trucking to serve the might of America, it has the equal responsibility of protecting and preserving its most important assets. America’s beauty and bounty reside within its natural state. The American countryside, lakeshores, mountain ranges, deserts and coastlines define America as the best place in the world. As Americans, trucking intends to defend and sustain all that is natural and good about America.

BeRoadSmart embraces this challenge, hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm. BeRoadSmart brings the opportunity for trucking to meet its obligation to protect the natural environment and do no harm.

According to climatologists, idling trucks congregated in numbers are a significant contributor to global warming. Particulate emissions from idling powerful diesel engines spew carbon into the atmosphere that impact the condition and health of the globe and all living things. Scientific data accumulated over decades demonstrates that the significant reduction of particulate emissions from trucking alone can dramatically impact global warming.

Not only does trucking deliver the goods of American commerce, but trucking can reduce, if not eliminate the world changing effects of global warming.

BeRoadSmart encourages all trucks to be green- equipped with all battery powered no-idle HVAC systems. Trucks equipped with the BeRoadSmart system provide the ultimate in sleeper cab comfort and convenience without fossil fuel burn.

BeRoadSmart calls this congregation of no-idling trucks a TruckNest in tribute to the majestic American eagle, who soars high in the heavens, and nests her brood in the protection of a pristine mountain environment.

BeRoadSmart trucks respect the natural wonders of America and from their TruckNest do no harm. The reduction of and elimination of the particulate emission is as American as the delivery of commerce. TruckNest enables trucking and truckers to take responsibility and credit for the natural wonder of America’s bounty, and like the eagle, nest in quiet, clean and healthy groups without a single idling emission. Bravo truckers!

At the same time drivers enjoy the full comfort of the sleeper cab, the TruckNest affords a warmer warm and a cooler cool assuring sound sleep and restful breaks. Outside, it is quiet, clean and respectful of mother nature.

Every truck equipped with the BeRoadSmart No-Idle System is certified as a distinguished member of the TruckNest. Present your TruckNest membership card and receive important discounts. Contact BeRoadSmart today to discuss the all battery BeRoadSmart No-Idle HVAC System.

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