The Snow Rake
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Snow Rake

Truckers, remember the snow we had last year?

And the laws for no snow on semi trucks and trailers?

We have the answer!

Snow Rake  $129.95

Sturdy to use, easy to assemble for use and disassemble for storage with snap together pole sections. It is adjustable to reach across half of a 13' 6'' trailer or adjust it again to do a regular house roof.  Take some sections out and do your flatbed or step deck.

Multi Use Snow Tool

The Multi Use Snow Tool pulls apart and folds to a compact easy to store size to fit in your cab, but easily unfolds and assembles to reach the snow on your trailer. The pole handle sections will slide into the snow rake head to make a compact bundle. 

Easy to assemble

The blade and handle unfold and pin sturdily in place and the rest of the pole handle snaps together easily.

Reaches to the center of your trailer

The hinge in the handle allows you to reach the center of your trailer to get all the snow. 

Get all the snow

The length of the pole allows you to get far enough away from the trailer so you don't have an avalanche of snow falling on you as you pull it off.

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