• Provides BOTH heating and cooling on battery power alone
  • 8-10 continuous hours of HVAC operation 
  • Zero emissions
  • CARB exempt
  • Complies with all idle reduction regulations
  • Fuel reduction
  • Savings in fuel pays for unit within a few months
  • Easily installed in 4-5 hours
  • Easy to install translates to less down time
  • Fully integrated turnkey package
  • Can be transferred from truck to truck
  • Minimal modifications required to sleeper cab
  • Installed completely inside the sleeper cab
  • In-cab controls 
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Automatic recharge long life AGM deep cycle batteries
  • Power up electrical accessories
  • Integrated shorepower outlet
  • Low battery indicator
  • Quiet operation - all electric
  • 2 year warranty
  • Best HVAC product in the industry
  • Backed by 1-800 tech support for operation and installation assistance.
For a warmer warm and a cooler cool, BeRoadSmart brings to its customers the BRS No-Idle HVAC System delivering the following extraordinary benefits: 
Battery Powered
No-Idle HVAC

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The HVAC that heats and cools on batteries alone!
No-Idle HVAC Unit - No kidding!

BeRoadSmart No-Idle System
is loaded with features:

  • Provides both heating and cooling for quality sleep and relaxation during non-driving time. 

  • Uses no fuel – completely emission free. 

  • Provides power for other appliances during non-driving time. 

  • Shore power connection included, providing option of
    running both BRS No-Idle System and your appliances
    for an unlimited time. 

  • Easy to install – requires so little truck modification that an inexpensive restoration kit is included that covers the few
    holes in the truck. This kit makes it possible to transfer
    BRS No-Idle System
    from one truck to another.

  • BRS No-Idle System is a low cost HVAC system with easy installation for a fast RETURN ON INVESTMENT
    from fuel savings alone. 

  • Does not use any energy from the truck batteries during non-driving time.

  • Provides Start-Assist allowing you to start the truck off the
    BRS battery system if truck batteries are down. The BRS technology accomplishes this even after the system has been running and has not been recharged. Turn the control
    to Start-Assist – it charges the truck batteries and stays
    on BRS batteries until the truck starts.
Finally, a no-idle HVAC system that is COMPLETELY powered by batteries. No idle, no generator, and no fuel burn to power the HVAC system. 100% EPA compliant, Smartway verified and NO emissions.
No Kidding!

BeRoadSmart is proud to represent the ONLY completely battery powered no-idle HVAC system in the industry. BRS No-Idle System is revolutionary and provides the total solution. Heat and air conditioning comfort for the sleeper cab for 8-10 continuous HVAC hours with 6 AMG deep cycle batteries, and even longer with the simple addition of batteries. Shorepower hook up is also provided to sustain cab comfort indefinitely with optional reefer or power grid hook up.

The BRS No-Idle System is priced at less than fossil fuel burning systems. The initial capital investment is nominal compared to the return on investment with fuel savings and the value of driver comfort and safety. Financing and lease programs are available.

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