is excellent for:

  • semi trucks
  • trucks
  • buses
  • ambulances
  • shuttle buses
  • transport buses
  • motor homes,
  • delivery vans
  • tractors
  • fire trucks
  • police cars
  • taxis
  • the family car 

Heated Wiper Blades
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BeRoadSmart Heated Wiper Blades
Patented ICE-E-LIMINATOR Heated Wiper Blade 

BeRoadSmart's commitment to driver safety led to the heated wiper blade. The heated wiper blade keeps ice and snow off the blade itself and allows the driver to maintain clear vision in winter driving.

Driver safety depends on driver visibility. The heated beam wiper blade is the first patented automatic, thermostatically controlled heated beam blade - no more iced up wiper blades or agonizing frozen hands and fingers from clearing the windshield.

Durable, affordable, easy to install, the heated wiper blade greatly reduces or eliminates icy build-up on the wiper assembly, improving driver visibility during cold weather operation.

The thermostatically controlled unit will activate the heated wiper blade automatically as the need arises.
Each heated wiper blade draws approximately 1-1.5 amps of current - a very low draw on your battery.
The heated wiper blade will stay above freezing:  at -40° the blades will be approximately 50°; at 32° they will be approximately 130°. This means the blades and squeegee will be pliable and ice will not build up in winter.
All components meet stringent automotive specifications.

The unit consists of a "manager" that controls operation in adverse weather. The manager is thermostatically controlled and represents the latest in patented technology. The manager heats beam blades, the most efficient wiper blade design. The blades are easily replaceable and comparable in cost to other beam blades.

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