Aerodynamic Wheel Caps
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BeRoadSmart Wheel Caps 

Light-weight aerodynamic wheel covers fit neatly on any 22-1/2” steel or aluminum rim in minutes – including super-singles! The unique aerodynamic design of the wheel covers allows air to flow more smoothly reducing wind drag and improving mileage.      

Installing the aerodynamic wheel covers on the rear tractor and trailer wheels will increase the MPG by 2.44% saving $1,500 or more each year. 

Installs in less than 5 minutes per wheel without special tools. Includes patent-pending J-clip and tube ring that allows flexibility to fit steel and aluminum wheels. Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for extreme durability with transparent center cap allowing easy access to wheel inside.  

Fuel Saving Statistics 

During the research, development and testing process for the wheel covers an independent company conducted testing to identify the fuel savings that could be expected when using the aerodynamic wheel covers on a semi-truck and trailer combination. Using a standard SAE type 2 fuel consumption test protocol, the testing identified a 2.33% improvement in fuel economy. For comparison, additional data was then analyzed from the ECM on the same testing trucks, which showed a 2.44% savings. Conservatively, it is recommended using a 1% savings for 4 caps on the tractor tandems and an additional 1% when used on the trailer tandems for calculating fuel savings estimates for a truck fleet.  

Fleet pricing and custom colors available.
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Wheel Caps and Vortex Generators will save you money, and make your fleet look fresh and modern, while sending a message to everyone on the road that your company cares about fuel savings and has invested in reducing your carbon footprint. We are committed to providing you the most effective and cost-efficient products that add net profit to your bottom line faster than any aerodynamic enhancing product available in the marketplace.

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