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About Us

BeRoadSmart is dedicated to serving the transportation industry and the over-the-road driver. EPA regulations require the trucking industry to reduce emissions by 20% over time. These regulations are affecting truck owners and their bottom lines. The challenge is enormous and costly. BeRoadSmart has products that accept the challenge of reduced emissions by reducing fuel consumption.

For example, BeRoadSmart offers the Smartway verified and CARB exempt BeRoadSmart No-Idle HVAC System. Our system is 100% battery powered and provides BOTH heat and air conditioning without idle and without auxillary fuel burn for 8-10 continuous hours of operation. The BeRoadSmart No-Idle HVAC System is completely emission free. 

BeRoadSmart also offers the best trailer skirt in the industry with the Smartway verification of a minimum of 5% fuel savings. The skirt design is revolutionary and is patent pending. BeRoadSmart trailer skirt customers enjoy savings in excess of 8%, putting real money in our customers' pockets.

BeRoadSmart understands the challenge facing truckers. Profits are driven by fuel costs. The less fuel burned, the more profit. Likewise, the less fuel burned, the less emissions. BeRoadSmart customers are more profitable and better global citizens.

BeRoadSmart also understands that driver safety and comfort are profit centers as well. The BeRoadSmart No-Idle HVAC System is dedicated to the thousands who jockey their rigs from coast to coast realizing the American dream of economic prosperity. The trucker is the backbone of the American economy, and we at BeRoadSmart are dedicated to your success. We promise to bring only the best products to you and your company.

BeRoadSmart is located in West Michigan and is proud to feature Michigan made products.

Our products are all proudly made in America.

BeRoadSmart LLC
6370 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: (616) 881-6898
Email: CustomerService@BeRoadSmart.com

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