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BeRoadSmart is a West Michigan based sales company offering innovative, fuel saving, and environmentally responsible products to the trucking and transportation industries. BeRoadSmart products provide increased profits and reduced emissions. The less fuel consumed, the more profit to the bottom line, and the fewer contaminants discharged into the atmosphere. BeRoadSmart works to create the powerful combination of environmental responsibility and business success.  

BeRoadSmart offers Smartway certified and verified products that the EPA has determined will result in fuel savings in excess of 5%. 

 brings to its customers the opportunity to subsidize the purchase of fuel saving products with government rebates and tax credits through SmartWay and Cascade Sierra programs.

The EPA requires the transportation industry to reduce harmful fuel emissions by 20% over time. The responsibility is great, but the cost of noncompliance is even greater in meeting the challenge of reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. BeRoadSmart products are unequaled in the industry. Smartway verified trailer skirts and 100% battery powered no-idle HVAC systems providing BOTH heat and air conditioning to the sleeper cab prove that the formula of fuel reduction and reduced emissions is a smart business solution producing increased profits over the nominal cost of the products.

Click here to read the California regulations that require trucks to upgrade fuel mileage 5% by 2013.

Contact us to discuss how YOU can be road smart and lead the industry.

BeRoadSmart Products
  • Battery Powered No-Idle HVAC System 
  • Trailer Skirts, patent pending
  • Heated Windshield Wiper Blades, patented 
  • Batteries for the BeRoadSmart Battery Powered No-Idle
    HVAC System and ALL your
    other power needs
  • Wheel Covers, patent pending
  • Vortex Generators
  • Snow Rake – Multi-use Snow Tool
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